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Guiding Principles

Think ‘World Class’

Our goal is to be ‘World Class’ in everything we do. This one is simple and doesn’t take much explanation. We apply this as a blanket standard across every department in our organization from client relations, to support, to the admin team.

One Thing At A Time

In the busy world we live in it can be easy to get lost in the ever increasing pile of work. Here at LibertyTech we strive to complete each task with excellence. This doesn’t mean we don’t multitask. We are a dynamic and flexible company. Rather, when coming up with ideas for improvement, ways we can be better, and opportunities for growth, we focus on one thing at a time.

Be Proactive

It doesn’t take long to figure out when you’re working with a reactive company. They often run late on projects, deploy old solutions, and seem scattered in their operations. For our customers and our internal team, we strive to always be proactive, anticipating issues, thinking ahead on projects, and taking an offensive posture towards challenges that arise. It’s the proactive and innovative companies that shape the reality of tomorrow. Here at LibertyTech we are dedicated to becoming such a company.

Well Oiled Machine

In many ways companies can be compared to performance cars. Performance cars play in cutting edge technology where even the slightest miscalibration or engineering error can lead to very real consequences. When driving a Lamborghini there is little to no lost potential. Everything is dialed in and tuned to a meticulous degree. Every gear, cog, and component is intentionally designed so that when the driver applies pressure on the gas that pressure is transformed into explosive action. We use this as the guiding standard when growing our company and reshaping the way we work. We want to ensure that we are ‘best in class’ in everything we do, and we are truly a ‘fine-tuned, well-oiled machine’ in our industry.