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At Liberty, we believe that technology should help you reach your potential. That's why we've listened to our customers, and learned how to create solutions that match the needs and values of each and every business we are honored to partner with.  Whether you're looking to overhaul your network or simply need someone trustworthy and knowledgeable to brainstorm with, we'd love to help your business grow by providing the solutions you need. Let's meet and we'll show you how we can help to free you up to accomplish more.

CorrHealth - User Termination Request

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Terminated Employee
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Termination Date
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Office 365
If mail is to be retained it must be converted to a 'Shared Mailbox'.
For Shared Mailboxes, please list the names of users who should be able to monitor this mailbox.
Retain this license for future use?
If this license has a corresponding installation of Office installed on a machine we will need to uninstall office from that machine.
If Office is to be removed, please note the tag number of the machine that Office will be removed from.
Type notes of anything not covered above.