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1100 Spur Drive, Suite 150
Marshfield, MO 65706


At Liberty, we believe that technology should help you reach your potential. That's why we've listened to our customers, and learned how to create solutions that match the needs and values of each and every business we are honored to partner with.  Whether you're looking to overhaul your network or simply need someone trustworthy and knowledgeable to brainstorm with, we'd love to help your business grow by providing the solutions you need. Let's meet and we'll show you how we can help to free you up to accomplish more.

About Us

Liberty Technical Solutions was started in 1999 by Scott and Gail Jones to provide personalized computer networking services to small businesses.  Originally based in Monterey, California they helped businesses and non-profits capitalize on the growing power of leveraging technology to improve their operations.  In 2001 they relocated their family to Southwest Missouri and, to their surprise, retained most of their west-coast customers… pioneering the process of 'remote support' before it was a mainstream practice.

In 2007 Liberty Tech opened an office in Marshfield, Missouri.  Through their model of investing in their employees who, in turn, invest in their customers, they have steadily grown to one of the Ozark's top IT Services companies.

Liberty Tech now serves customers in states including Missouri, California, Nevada, Texas and New Mexico.  They continue to pioneer ways of aligning modern technology with their customer's business practices… helping them to be efficient and profitable.